Notable. The Simplest Markdown Editor Yet.

Notable is a open-source package developed on Github. The package deems itself The markdown-based note-taking app that doesn’t suck.”

The main developer on the repository said he wanted a note taking app that met all his expectations. So he made one. The application is lacking in documentation, both from the author and third party sources.

Install Instructions

When you Google “notable”, the only thing that comes up is the Github page. And the is lacking install instructions. There was even a pull request about the lack of install directions, and the creator tabled it.

So figuring out how to do that took a couple of minutes. Usually I just look at the first item on any for install instructions.

For Ubuntu, to install

  1. visit the downloads page linked in the README.
  2. Look for the .deb file, and click it. This will automatically download the package.
  3. Next, bring up the file in your terminal, and run “dpkg -i <>”
  4. This will install it on your PC, ready to use, icon and all.

Basic Usage

The app comes pre-deployed with extensive notes, which is pretty bloat ware-like. The first thing I did was delete them. But that option wasn’t really self-evident, so they were moved to trash.

Plus, the documentation was more dedicated to showing off features rather than help users use the application. So here are some usage tips.

  • To edit, click the pencil on top. This toggles edit version, and markdown version.
  • Use a cheat sheet if you’re not fluent in markdown. To really see the app’s features, start editing something. The real time rendering into markdown is helpful for beginners and expert’s alike.
  • Take note of data directory, because currently, visiting the the data dir from menu, takes you to the root folder, instead of placing you inside the directory.
  • Visit the help menu item to see their subreddit linked. This was an interesting twist on the help menu item I thought worth noting.
menu item for subreddit in source code.

Once you have this installed and running, the overall experience is very intuitive. Its easy to use lots of complex functions with minimal input from the user. The editor is very responsive and overall user friendly. Notable is a great package worthy of at least checking out on Github. With 10k feedback on Github, you’d be missing out if you didn’t.

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