How To Use FB Instant Articles with WordPress

Instant articles are great for businesses who write content and push said content out onto Facebook. Similar programs have been rolled out by some of the FANG companies that allow fast loading of stories. For example, Google has uses AMP articles (Accelerated Mobile Pages) which are usually the main factor between a story that trends, and a story that ranks.

Facebook instant articles offer many benefits such as the following.

  • 10X Faster than standard mobile web articles.
  • 20% More Instant Articles read on average.
  • 70% Less Likely to Abandon the Article.

Here, we will go through the steps of implementing Instant Articles on your WordPress Instance.

Step 1: Sign up for the Instant Articles Program

Visit this link, click sign up, and link whichever Facebook Page you are wanting to show Instant Articles on:

Step 2: Connecting Your Site

Once you sign up for the Instant Articles Program, go to your Facebook Page, and click “Publishing Tools”. In the left-hand sidebar you will see the Instant Articles sub-menu has been added to your Publishing Tools.

Once you click on the Instant Articles Sub-Menu, you want to grab your Page ID, which can be found under “WordPress Plugin Users”

Step 3: Download and Install The Official Instant Articles Plugin

The plugin can be found here:

You can download the zip, and upload the plugin… Or you can search for the plugins in your WordPress backend

Once you install the plugin in WordPress, you will see a new item featured in your toolbar called Instant Articles.

Step 4: Enter your Facebook Page ID

Once you click on the Instant Articles, the first form field you see will be Facebook Page ID. Take the page ID you copied from Facebook, and paste it into this field.

Step 5: Wait!

From Facebook:

Once your Instant Articles feed has been approved, you’ll be ready to go.

Distribute your Instant Articles as you would with any link: Just compose a new post, include the article link and share! Instant Articles are never posted to your page automatically.



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