Top 5 Democrats Guaranteed To Run in 2020

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On the heels of a self-proclaimed victory in the House, Democrats are really pulling out all the stops in order ensure the victory for years to come. While many considered the latest grab of House seats a blue wave, Democrats seem to be putting the pedal to the medal with cinstant attacks on the Trump administration. Since gaining the majority in the House, attack after attack on the Trump administration has proven effective in just two short days.

The day after mid-term elections, and the firing of Jeff Sessions, Democrats have organized nation wide rallies to show their support for the Mueller investigation. These protests lead to a massive rally in NYC the likes of which haven’t been matched since the inauguration of Donald Trump. While one can only guess whose behind the organization of the newly confident Democrats, another can assume that prominent Democrats will take this opportunity to catapult themselves into the national spot light, and in turn, launch their presidential campaign.

Certain Democrats have made it quite clear they are totally against the President and have used their political position to grab newspaper headlines in order to let American’s know that they are for the people, and a Trump resistor.

The following Democrats who will most likely run in 2020 are easily predictable, but still worth your attention.

Corey Booker

Corey Booker has slowly crept into national spotlight as a champion of minorities rights while also perfectly playing the media to his advantage.

Since his initial election, he has campaigned on restoring civil rights to inner city Americans while also bringing a spot light on laws that seem to target the poor.

Coming from Jersey City, Booker has made massive strides for those who he deemed oppressed.

For instance, Booker has taking the reigns on the current drug-war calling it a massive failure, even going as far to attack the Obama administration for it’s failure to end regressive drug laws that seem to target the poor.

Booker also recently pulled a attention-grabbing stunt by releasing semi-classified documents during Kavenaugh’s hearings. While some considered the act worthy of immediate dismissal , Booker remains in Congress proving his stain is important and quasi-invincible.

Elizabeth Warren

Elizabeth Warren seems to have become one of Donald Trump’s favorite target’s as of late.

Warren has also grabbed massive media attention by confirming her DNA ancestry, in spite of Trump and his camps’ attempts to discredit her Native American roots. Just today, Warren has stated “its too early” to think about a presedential election, but its pretty clear she will be gearing up a 2020 campaign depending on the next two years while Democrats remain in the House.

If Democrats succeed in stifling the Trump administration, it wouldnt be out-of-character for her to take credit for the resistance and in turn, gaining support from Democratic delegates in order to secure a nomination.

Warren has repeatedly become the center of attention whether the causes be her received ire from Trump, or her great stumping speeches that seem to inspire hope among her audience.

Michael Avenatti

Michael Avenatti will most definitely run in 2020. The 2020 election will most likely not be an election between two candidates, but more a “for Trump against Trump” election, and Avenatti has a massive amount of ground to stand on.

Avenatti has brought a countless amount of lawsuits against the Trump administration earning a title of leadership among the Trump resistance.

Predictions show his campaign will be based on bashing Donald Trump while propping himself up as a competent leader.

Although most of his lawsuits have resulted in dead-ends, this hasn’t stopped Avenatti from making the rounds on all nightly news shows on networks like Fox and CNN.

The fact that he’s becoming a familiar face while also proving his agenda will be totally anti-Trump, puts him poised to become a early front runner for the 2020 presidential campaign.

Bernie Sanders

Pretty much, everyone knows if Sander’s became the Democratic nominee in 2018, he would have been elected President. The amount of “Krompanpant” Republican’s could dig up on Hillary lead to her defeat before she even started.

The Lewinsky Scandal, NAFTA, and pretty much everything her husband did was placed on her to bear.

Whether or not this is proper, it happened. But Sander’s who had massive support from Democrats and Independents alike, was a sure thing to become elected in 2018.

Even though his age is an obvious barrier, it wont be surprising for him to use his previous spotlight to push his 2020 campaign into the national spotlight yet again.

Sander’s stumps on things like free college, state owned healthcare, and other left-leaning ideas while also being unequivocally scandal free leaving his opponents grasping for fodder.

His rallies seem to garner a massive amount of people and he also cater’s to the loudest of the Democrats while also appealing to Independents who like to see experience in their elected officials.

Wildcard* Heidi Heitcamp

Even though Heidi Heitcamp lost her election for Senator in North Dakota, the Democratic Party put alot of money into her campaign.

After Heitcamp’s protest of Kavenaugh, her campaigned aggregated over 12 million dollars for her re-election campaign. Democrat’s wont ignore this massive amount of cash and support.

Having her running during the Democratic primaries, even if it’s a sure loss, will still benefit Democrats, whether she puts up a fight or seems to prop up other candidates.

Heitcamp has gained the attention of both Democrat’s and the Trump resistance with her short-termed stumping against Kavenaugh.

The 2020 election will be another one for the history books. The amount of cash each party is willing to spend on the 2020 presidential campaign is sure to break and prior records.

With these predictions, also comes huge questions. Will Trump make it 2020? Will he be re-elected? Will he officially run for re-election? Only time can tell.

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