The StackOverflow Data Explorer

The StackOverflow Data Explorer is really unique. Compared to all the other API’s Ive used in the past, the StackOverflow API Explorer is the first I’ve seen that lets you run SQL directly on their databases.

An example StackOverflow API request.

StackOverflow even implements a star-based voter system, allowing users to vote on the most useful and popular queries. All of the queries can be seen here, but some specific interesting examples can be found below.

How many upvotes do I have for each tag?

Whats My Comment Score Distribution

Posts with many “thank you” answers

On the query page, you may enter your own custom crafted SQL queries making your data available to you in text-based or table formatted options.

Example of text-based response from the query ‘Top 500 Questions Asked on Stack Overflow

Stack Overflow Data Explorer’s webpage allows you to explore the different categories offered like posts, users, comments, post_history, and votes, to name a few.

This API Explorer is not only a fully functional API gateway, but it also serves as a great learning tool for making advanced SQL queries.

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