Steps to Take Towards Landing Your Dream Career

We all have dream careers. We all have images of ourselves in our head leading some team somewhere doing something amazing.

It’s what keeps the economy going. And it’s what keeps you and me participating in the game. We compete for a chance to grab that image in your head and to paint it on the world. And to gleefully sit back and realize how surreal everything has become.

Dream careers are the ones worth massive amounts of sacrifice. They are careers where every day, if you died, you’d still feel accomplished because you’ve reached your career choice. You’d be making significant contributions to yourself, your workplace, the world, and hopefully future generations.

Your dream career allows you share the most of what you see as valuable to the world. Writing, Philosophy, Mathematics, whatever it may be, your dream job will allow to endlessly contribute what you want to contribute to the world. Some steps to make that happen will be listed in the following words, but always keep in mind exactly what you are doing, and checking that action against your overall dream career and seeing if they are operating synergistically in order for you to land your dream job.

Get Educated

Getting educated doesn’t mean spending 60k on a college tuition. It doesn’t mean sitting in a class room, raising your hand.

Becoming educated in the ways of the world requires you to attend class (live in the world) everyday whether you like it or not. If you expose yourself to as many different environments as possible, your worldview will expand and you will become more confident in your place within the world after seeing how you stack up to competitors all over the world.

Also, practically applying things you learn on the fly is the most important step one can take on the way to their path to their dream career.

It yet again, defines your purpose in the world,  and you learn to apply intellectual knowledge to real life situations and in tur, creating a positive feedback loop for yourself. So whatever your dream career is, make sure to get educated on the careers environment as much as mastering the fields intellectual content.

For example, if you want to become a programmer, find out how they work on a daily basis, and start developing your schedule around that, even if you don’t work for the company yet.

Doing so will expose you to a day in the life of your dream career and help you understand what it takes to get that goal by attempting to imitate what the professionals did.

And hopefully you will quickly see, that professionals are no different than you. They just put their time in sooner than you did, and there is no intangible skill a person has that allows them to do something you can’t.  

It’s just a person who did the work and put their time in to make their goal happen. Once you see this first hand, you become exhilarated with your own power to get what you actually want, instead of fantasizing about it. It reinvigorates your drive to achieve your goal, and you will be able to stay consistently fresh with ideas and methods on how to land your dream job.

Get Important

Make important contributions to your field of study. Even without proper education, finding ways to significantly contribute will set you apart from other candidates.  

Small things, for example, like taking the time out of your day to use Java in order to create a website dedicated around your field.

Monetizing it, and making yourself a important voice in the field.

This process will allow you to go from the mindset of employee to employer. Because you give so much to the community, you are worth being considered for the role of whatever your dream job may be.  

Chisel away at your dream job little by little, contributing on a individual level, and find how quickly you can become an important voice in the field.

Even if you’re annoying, you’re still a consistent voice who has more value than a someone with a great degree from a prestigious university, but no mastery over the current issue you are attempting to solve by landing your dream career.

Get Away

Travel in order to get your job. It makes the commitment that much more serious. Flying out to interview at a company is a major expense for you, even if the company is paying for everything.

Make sure it’s worth your time, and you can test for that by travelling long distances for the interview.

You’re taking away days of your life in order to meet with a Human Resources officer, for the chance of getting a job.

It’s such a big risk, that once you get out there and feel the distance between you and your home, that the only solution you will see is the correct one.

Consistently traveling for interviews opens up your mind to the wider picture and your world becomes bigger too,  because you realize lots of people are trying to do the same thing, all over the world.

It’s important to see that point for yourself so you have an idea of your available options.

If you applied 100 times but only in one city for your dream job, you aren’t thinking correctly.

You should jump at the opportunity to travel to other cities to pursue land your dream job.

It’s a healthy and important step to take in order for you to land your dream job.

Landing Your Dream Job

Landing your dream job isn’t hard, because once you figure out exactly what you want, you become able to craft your contributions to weaker areas of the field, turning yourself into a contributor rather than a person applying for the opportunity to contribute.

Find some way to contribute, and in the process, become educated, become important, become well traveled, and analyze your experiences consistently, ensuring that even if you dont land your dream job, you can be sure that even your failures will be able to contribute in some way.

The better you can convey your message whether it be about your experience, or your trial and errors, the better off you will be when it comes time to land your dream job.

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