Re-Targeting Yourself

As I made my way through the nasty world of internet marketing, I’ve been exposed to interesting ideas. And one of the most inquisitive ideas is the concept of “re-targeting”.

Early on, I used to ignore pursuing this route because at first glance it didn’t make much sense. The idea of targeting people who have already been targeted seemed redundant.

My naive mind was thinking “if I put content in front of you before, and you did or didn’t engage, showing you the same content again would yield the same results”. But then I was exposed to professional marketers who loved retargeting.

Retargeting is just targeting a audience who recently viewed your content. The overall idea of this is to hook in your audience by solidifying an emotional connection to your product.

For example, if you engaged with one of my posts positively, I would re-target you with the same exact content, making sure you relived the experience of consuming my content.

This is why major companies who already dominate markets spend time and money to make advertisements. They aren’t worried about new customers. They want to train old customers (usually billions of people) to be loyal to their brand.

So with that idea that is so effective at manipulating vast amounts of people, using it on yourself is bound to return great results. Re-targeting yourself is easy. Here’s how you do it.

Instead of being targeting by ads, target yourself with the highest quality content that aligns with your goals. For example, click on “see first” from creators who you think offer the best content. Subscribe to feeds that interest you and stick to those feeds. Dont mindlessly scroll, actively scroll.

When you constantly see content that reminds you of your goals instead of reminding you about new Nikes, you train yourself to make that mindless time more valuable. You are keeping your goals at the forefront of your mind, instead of just noise in the background.

So any opportunity you see to replace company content, with content that you value and that inspires, replace it. Ill outline the steps I took to retarget myself .

  • Unsubscribe from mindless sub-reddits, and replaced my feed with only sub-reddits related to programming.
  • Change my browser homepages to sites that I thought inspired. So every time I open up a browser, I am greeted with
  • Change my terminal greeting window to display interesting commands I would have never learned about.
  • Immediately subscribe to any YouTube channel where I found their content more useful than entertaining. So now, every time you open up YouTube, your re targeting yourself with content hyper-focused on yourself.

Now, instead of letting GMC fill that initial kick you get out of seeing something new on the internet, you get a kick from positive sources, which hooks yourself into what is basically success in whatever field you choose.

Targeting myself with new commands to learn about each time I open up a terminal.
What my YouTube feed looks like.
Instead of clicking on some click-bait and wasting a couple minutes here and there, I’m more likely to start work or learning right away.
An example of an item on my Reddit feed I would have never seen unless I specifically retargeted myself with content that I find practical and valuable. Even if this post isn’t really practical, its solidifying positive emotion with a practical application: aka Vim

At first, the switch will be painful, because you wont get the same feeling that social media usually gives you. But after you break the habit and a month of re targeting yourself, you will see more quality content in a more pleasurable way. You will have a deeper experience with applications, rather than just seeing the surface of them.

Application developers want you addicted to their products. So instead of fighting off these tactics one haphazard way after the next, just take total control of your online experience by re-targeting yourself with quality content that’s relevant to you.

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