Preventing Tiredness and Fatigue

Preventing tiredness and fatigue is one of the hardest things humanity has to combat. It’s that way because nature wants to really make it known, that it can live without you. Fighting nature’s opinion of you is hard work, and it makes you tired. There’s a couple ways to combat this phenomenon of being tired, and really allow you to realize that lots of times, the fatigue is mental.

Redefining Burnout

Redefining burnout will allow you to really have a new respect for what burn-out is, and how you’re probably not experiencing it. Burnout is being so overworked that your mind fails to construct basic sentences that reside on top of physical logic.

Unless you are unable to get out of bed, or you’re having long periods of time without uttering a sentence, you’re not burned out. You may feel like your mind can no longer function, but if your body can get you dressed and you can physically endure transportation, there’s no reason for you not to be contributing to society.

Burnout is what happens when you’re 65 and have been consistently executing things perfectly for 25 years. Retirement is a nicer word for it. As you close this age, you will be experiencing true burn-out. But until you reach that point, you don’t have any clue as to what burn-out actually is.

If you were actually burned out, you wouldn’t even be able to realize you were burned out.

So making that realization a fact in your mind, allows you to accept and challenge every test that comes your way. It sharpens your edge as well as proves to yourself that you’re not burned-out.

You’re playfulness in life will return and you will start to depend on yourself for positive emotions, rather than an excuse for binge watching Netflix.

Use All Of Your Present Energy To Overcome Things Within Your Life, when you decide.

What I mean by that is taking a look at all your problems and laying them out. Schedule time to deal with those problems and stick to that schedule. Promise yourself at 3:00pm on Saturday, you will be crafting something, with your full attention dedicated to the subject at that time. That will solidify the goal in your mind, that yes, even though I’m fatigued and tired, I’m still able to perform this function pretty well. You will created reference points within your mind, that associate confidence with fatigue.

Scheduling the event, forces yourself to look at a situation like another task, instead of a personal issue. This will allow you to become a more effective problem solver by practicing on your own issues, the ones that are hard to do while you’re tired. Once you have a history of stepping up to the plate, even though you’re tired, the times when you are well rested will really thrive more than the majority of humans on the planet, because you know that all you have to do is give 100%, and you’ll perform fine.

And performing fine on a consistent basis is more valuable to any body than performing greatly, once.


Of course, the very most important thing is nutrition. If you’re performing at your best consistently, but not eating the right things, you’re not performing the best you can. The nutrients you are eating are not inconsequential. Quite the opposite, nutrients actually have the ability to hold you back or enhance your life. Nutrition is such a simple thing a individual can do, that has such a massive return that not taking advantage of it at this point makes you slower than the average member of society.

Understanding how your practical body works and responds to stimuli will allow you to use food more as a fuel, than engage with food as a mindless task. I proceed walks with lots of water, i’ll start my day off with all my vegetables or if I eat pizza that induces tiredness quicker, i’ll use that to help sleep. Reducing tiredness and fatigue can really be totally managed by using nutritional items to fuel you instead of make you feel full or leaving you with a good taste in your mouth.

Preventing Fatigue is something every human has to experience. But putting things that usually make you tired into a new light, will reinvigorate your outlook and shed you of your mental fatigue and tiredness. It will drop off of you like it never existed, because in turn it really doesn’t exist.

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