Make A Podcast In Three Steps

podcast, or generically netcast, is an episodic series of digitalaudio or videofiles which a user can download and listen to.

If it were not for podcasts, people such as Joe Rogan or Dan Carlin, might not be as notable as they are today.  Podcasts are really easy to make, and if you have a story to tell, its guaranteed someone will listen to you. iTunes makes debuting a podcast as simple as uploading a sound file.

Make an Business Apple ID

Here is the first link you will need to visit. Make a account, separate from your main Apple Id, just to keep a professional appearance. Once you fill that information out, and confirm your email, you are well on your way.

Make A Sound Cloud Account

Once you have recorded your podcast, your going to need to store it somewhere. Make a Sound Cloud account here. Once that’s done, upload your files, and the necessary artwork. Artwork is mandatory to be published on iTunes, so make sure their policies are followed. After you upload your files to Sound Cloud, your going to need the RSS feed that Sound Cloud generates for you, automatically, and free. To reach that RSS feed, while on Sound Cloud, hit the three dots and then settings.

Sound Cloud Menu
Click “Settings” to get your RSS Feed

Once in settings, there are four tabs at the top of the screen. The RSS feed is located under the “Content” tab. Once the Content Tab is clicked, a field will appear with the URL to your RSS feed. Take that link, and copy it to your clipboard.

SoundCloud Settings
The URL is labeled “RSS feed”


Upload RSS Feed to iTunes

Now, you have everything needed in order to submit a podcast to iTunes. Your last step is to paste the RSS URL into iTunes. With your new fancy Apple Id created in step one, visit this link and log into the podcast dashboard. Now take your RSS url and put it in the field labeled RSS feed.

Podcast Submission
Paste your RSS url that was generated in Sound Cloud, into here.

Once you successfully submit your podcast will be reviewed and a “Submitted for Review” message will appear underneath the podcast. And once the Podcast is approved, you will see a green “Active” message underneath the podcast.

itunes podcast
The message on the left shows if your podcast is still in pending. The message on the right shows an approved podcast

In conclusion

As shown above, publishing a Podcast is really quite easy. That being said, this is just for publishing the document. Creating the podcast isnt that easy, but can be easy as hitting record, and uploading to Sound Cloud. This route is most likely the best route for those who are new to podcasts, and are looking for a easy method to test the waters. Although this method is suitable for enterprise set ups.

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