How to Get Motivated When You Don’t Feel Like It

Getting motivated isn’t the easiest thing for anyone to do. That’s because were tired from stress, work, 50 hour total work weeks for our regular jobs. Come home and either do house work, make time for a social life, work on something else, or actively do something.

The gig economy has changed things and we all know it. So if this is not what your doing, you’re missing out. And getting motivated is definitely a challenge to go from not making any money in your free time, to making passive income. So it’s almost a necessary skill to make ends meet in this new economy.

Making Use of Social Media

Following those who target their niche as a leader will fill your media feeds with content related to you’re niche. For example, if your niche is books, follow the highest subscription accounts on YouTube and Twitter. Targeting yourself with the content of trendsetters allows you to quickly interject yourself into the mainstream conversation.

Quickly catching up to speed on what’s been done before will allow you to find areas that need any contribution. For example, if you’re trying to market yourself as a technical writer, you should follow global leaders and local leaders within that niche, so that would be with sources like Arstechnica,, and sources that have more than just a marketing aspect to them.

Following these accounts will show you their marketing side as well as their interesting articles and how they get reactions from different trendsetters. It’s a great peek behind the virtual scenes into an industry and gives you a purposeful, working,  understanding of the industry.

Pay Attention to What You’re Missing By Procrastinating

Remember your overall goal as much as possible. That’s because when your mind isn’t actively engaged, procrastination starts to happen.

And with procrastination comes lost time and missed opportunity.  While everyone tries to cut procrastination to a minimum, most people still become victimized by it. With being constantly reminded of your niche through social media you will be still gaining while procrastinating. This focuses you on what you could be doing, and making, at the same time you’re not doing anything.

Reminding yourself of what could be, is a great way to keep motivated because you’re exposed to many others who are just like you and actually marketing successfully.

Get Assertive

Being purposefully assertive in your off time is a great way to test out your skills. Practice being quickly paced in front of someone you just interacted with and see how it makes people feel and if they can trust your confidence. You can use that information to better lead yourself and your team, after, where it truly matters.

I guess you could consider that using people, but they are most likely doing the same thing, consciously or not. Everyone puts on a mask, and it’s better to choose which mask you wear instead of allowing others to choose for you.

And the way you get the quickest, most information is by being assertive to people you just met.

So to the gas station attendant say, “Hey guy! I’m going to get some cigarettes. Gimme ten regular” instead of waiting for the attendant to come to you, asking you how they can help,  stepping out, handling the transaction in a needlessly long time frame, and losing time, money and seconds of your life.

Instead, take command of the situation, and use it for evaluation later so you can promote leadership as a marketable skill.

Having micro reactions like this every day will greatly improve your leadership skills because it allows you to gauge individuals concept of your authority rather than being subjected to theirs.

After a while, you will look forward to even those interactions, because after a while you’ll realize every interaction is a opportunity to get better at commanding respect immediately from strangers, and in turn allows you to demand a salary and other nice things.

Don’t Use Kids As An Excuse

If your going to be with your kid, be with them. If not, make sure to give them your full attention. If you’re going to sacrifice time with your child, make sure it’s worth it, but don’t give too much attention the idea that your “doing this for them”.

It will place stock in your child, and the success of your own career attached to your child.

Ensure that you at, a bare minimum, keep yourself and direct dependencies alive before you place that burden on the next generation.

By making sure your kid’s life and your work life are separate, you will motivate yourself in the correct way and you can avoid creating artificial situations in your environment. Children can be a great source of motivation, but if it’s used incorrectly, you will being doing more damage to the relationship than good by associating your work with your child.

This will only lead to resentment between you and the child because you will blame the child for “holding you back”. And your child will resent you for spending time away from them because of your work. Time with your child should be treated purposefully and skillfully rather than haphazardly and opportunistically.

These tips for motivation are very philosophical, I know. But if you fix these deficiencies within yourself, lots of tough work will have been accomplished in order to stay continually motivated in the face of many who are struggling with motivation.

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