Why Homeland is the Number One Motivational Show of All Time

In the book Power vs. Force by David Hawking, the author levels people on a spirituality scale and claims to map out consciousness through some interesting methodology. As you see in the picture, Pride is level 175, Anger 150, etc etc.

Hawkins goes on to list examples of people who resonate at the levels of spirituality. So, for example, Abraham Lincoln resonates at 400… which is Reason and Jesus resonates at 600… which is Peace.

Budha resonates the hightest, etc etc.

Hawkins says though, that the majority of people on earth resonate at 150. The Marine Core levels at 175, which is Pride and people from third-world countries resonate at 50.

And to make a shift from a lower level, to a higher level, Hawkins says there must be a catalyst…and one of those catalysts is TV. He says TV takes an Apathetic individual, and motivates them all the way up to desire. Because you see things on TV, and your mind is opened up to new possibilities of how things could be…leaving you desiring for more.

The show Homeland is probably the best TV show to be a catalyst for a couple reasons. The first is that it provides viewers a surreal glimpse into the clandestine operations around the world. Even more so, they shoot on location, so its actually a slum on the Isreali/Palestine border your seeing…not a set stage.

Just the visuals alone in the show are enough to keep people’s attention.

Next, the whole series is about a few CIA agents who constantly are trying to manipulate the current situation to prevent any death or injure to their soldiers around the world. And to do this, they have to make the right move, and make it first.

I did some research on CIA tactics and found a interesting term called the “Cult of the Offensive”, which refers to a strategic military dilemma, where leaders believe that offensive advantages are so great that a defending force would have no hope of repelling the attack.

Apparently this tactic was ingrained in the CIA during the cold war. And to sum it up quickly, it means in order for survival, you need to act first to take ground instead of waiting to defend and thwart an attack.

The whole show is basically this. The characters making the most amount of correct moves quickly to control the situation. So things like blackmailing a member of congress for no other reason than because you can is totally fair game. Because if you do it first, you wont have to worry about it later if you need it. And from that point, you can get more intelligence about their connections, and so on…fighting for small but solid footing, inch by inch.

That’s why Homeland is a catalyst. Because you see how active measures benefit the cause, and show that if your slow for even one day, you risk losing a lot… whether it be stopping a terrorist on his way to blow himself up, or preventing a dictator from seizing power.

It also animates the fact that those who take the most action, usually come up with a better chance at benefiting from the situation rather than being the victim of one.

So try it. Try matching the amount of control Homeland characters exert just to set up a wiretap…and put it into filing papers or stocking shelves. You will immediately feel a change in your own consciousness, and the catalyst will have done its job.

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