Using BASH to Deal with XMLRPC Brute Force Attacks

Recently, I have been monitoring my Apache logs more than usual. One, because it’s interesting, and two, because I kept getting a database connection error. So I do a

tail -f

on the access.log file, and it comes back with someone trying to send POST requests to the xmlrpc.php file.

Apache Log Files
POST Requests targeting xmlrpc.php

A trace-back on the IP address shows the request coming from a farm house in Eastern Germany. You can pretty much guarantee this traffic is malicious, suspicious, and not so inconspicuous.

IP information
A trackback on the suspicious traffic lead to these results

Because of all this suspicious traffic, there had to be a way to stop them from overloading my server with POST requests. I tried using iptables to add a single address, and it didn’t work. Than I tried to provide iptables with a range. This also failed to stop POST requests once the botnet realized it could just switch IP addresses.

So a security measure needed to be put in place that could actively monitor log files, and ban suspicious traffic.

The BASH script below is how I managed to ban suspicious traffic.


while IFS= read -r line; do

    slug=$(echo "$line" | awk '{print $7}')

    method=$(echo "$line" | awk '{print $6}')

    if [[ $slug == "/xmlrpc.php" && $method == "\"POST" ]] ; then

        ip=$(echo "$line" | awk '{print $1}')

        command="iptables -I INPUT -s $ip -j DROP"

        echo $command;

        eval $command

done < "$filename"

This code runs on a timer every minute. Basically, it opens up the access.log file, loops through all of the traffic, and looks for requests that involve the word “/xmlrpc.php”. If it finds the key word, it grabs the ip address of the requester, and executes a firewall rule to block that ip address.

BASH Script Output
Output of the BASH script

Now, looking at my access.log, I see a removal of all POST requests to the xmlrpc.php files removed from future logs. In conclusion, this method is effective. It’s definitely not the prettiest, but does the job every time.

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