Getting Wifi on Arch Linux Boot for Mac Mini

I was having lots of trouble installing Arch Linux on my Mac Mini, mainly because I couldn’t get any internet connection. I tried loading different kernel modules, I blacklisted suspected modules, tried to build my own ISO, etc. But the answer was right under my nose.

While I was issuing the command lspci -v as recommended by the Arch wiki, I was only seeing the BCM43224 device and it was loading the bcma-pci-bridge module. Most of my time was spent cross referencing the MAC address with the needed kernel module, and trying to switch them out, which was a waste of time.

So then I tried ip link show. This returned different devices. enp4s0f0, which I guess Apple turns into a Ethernet connection. I spent time with wifi-menu and wpa_supplicant trying to get that to work, but with no success. ifconfig wasn’t returning the device that ip link show was showing, so I think this was also a source of confusion.

Then I tried the second device wlp3s0b1 with the command wifi-menu wlp3s0b1 , put in my pass key, and I finally had internet.

TLDR To get internet on Arch Linux install for Mac Mini

ip link show

wifi-menu <second device>

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