5 Tips For Small Businesses To Drive Traffic

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Here are some mistakes that I see the majority of small businesses making.

Live Streaming

Small businesses haven’t been utilizing live streaming services correctly. That’s because the value live streaming brings to its viewers isn’t always understood. Live streaming isn’t ‘live streaming’. Live streaming is meant to replace TV as the main source of entertainment. If you’re not marketing your live streams better than TV, you’re throwing away a massive opportunity.

Most likely, the pacing of your content doesn’t even match that of TV. But the people with the most consistent streams are usually pacing far better and much more than TV ever could.

And that’s because you don’t have to pay for airtime. You can go live every day for free. For content creators and advertisers to make that happen on TV it would take a massive budget.

Going live can be done more effectively with one person and no budget than a whole team of people could. There are streamers who make 500k per month, and have 0 overhead, because they have the thing people want to watch.

And all you need is a cellphone.

Live-streaming on a inconsistent basis gives less reasons for viewer’s to commit to your product over a legacy product.

In a market full of logos and brands, your brand is stacked up against another, and yours is losing to a major label that brands on TV.

If you commit to a solid schedule and execute it better more times than not, but still persist as per the schedule, you will have put yourself on the same level of importance as a major brand.

Even more importantly, many of the streamers who follow this model are far more successful than brands who advertise on TV. They get more views, and keep 100% of the income, making it a truly win-win scenario for themselves, and their brand.

Using Sites Like Wix, Weebly, or Divi

Lots of brands are spinning up these fake sites to capture leads, and they are effective. But for true branders, its a bad idea. That’s because these sites are low performance and in the age of internet latency, site performance matters more for your site than ever before.

Without good performance, your brand has diminished as an authority in the eyes of Google, and these results will truly effect your status across all platforms.

Ranking in Google isn’t even about SEO anymore. It’s about Google’s ability to hand select from multiple established authorities, based on the page speed over authority.

These pre-built websites will make your product look like it can’t be trusted. Your brand needs to look native and established on the internet. Even if the site-builder’s logo isn’t on your site, the site will still perform poorly, and the user is tactlessly hyper-focused on conversion, leaving no time for the user to become familiar with your brand.

Spend time creating a unique feeling and original web experience for your website. It’s the difference between everyone else, and those who actually want to dominate a keyword.

Not Enough Text Content

Text content will be the number one driver of traffic other than your main social media accounts. Using social media is a good way to drive traffic, but for making money while you sleep, you’ll need a way to pull in traffic/sales/conversions without doing anything. Ranking in all of the search engines can double whatever your working for now, without any extra effort in the long term.

Text-content will most definitely help your brand authority achieve this goal. For example, you’ll want to spend money on good copy for a simple “About Us” type page to make sure your brand ranks for a keyword. Having an “About Us” page rank for your product’s keyword will drive more quality traffic to your site than any other platform could.

What a product’s SEO page should look like.

That’s because the conversions are higher from Google, because there’s more organic traffic of people looking for a solution to their problem. The following you build up quickly is artificial. The real domination of a brand comes from ranking in Google’s Search Engine Results.

And if you’re working to make your content look better, just for the eyes of Google, you know you don’t have a good product, because you have to make it appear better.

Ranking in Google is probably the most important factor to growing your online business. Becoming ranked number one for a keyword comes with quality content rather than prepackaged content and keyword stuffing.

Example of Bad SEO

Without a good product, you will never even make it near the front page. But if what you have is good and you optimize for search engine results, rapid development can take place. You will have a steady income of traffic on your page, without having to worry about creating more content and feeding the machine.

Become Self-Sustaining As Soon As Possible

The quicker the model becomes self-sustaining, the quicker you can begin copying the formula again.

Because of the technology we all have today, this is pretty simple. Funding your business, through your business, has never been as easy as taking your phone out of pocket.

Focusing on making the business self-funded should take priority of over everything. This forces you to quickly realize whether your product is good or not. If you have to pay out of pocket to make it happen after a short period of time, it’s not meant to be. Just drop it, and move on. But if you can quickly make your product self-sustaining, you’ve passed the litmus test for mass market introduction.

The amount of time building a brand with the world wide web has gone from a slow and gruesome process to a fast, and meteoric rise. Capturing the rise and traffic initially is easy, but it’s what you do with that rise that separates you from the rest.

Widen Your Perspective

Even the smartest king whoever lived, depended on his advisers. And that’s because we balk at times when a little push would have helped. Or maybe not seeing something in yourself that’s called to your attention. Getting different viewpoints about your product will allow you to judge criticisms from people you trust, rather than hear it from a random person.

Shower your inner circle with as much diversity as civilly-possible. The more honest eyes you have around the better you will become, and in turn, your product will become.

Having a constant barrage of tests being thrown at your face non-stop during startup will mold your business style and allow you to test it out before you make your way into the next venture.

Hearing about a new way to execute a task will open your mind up to countless possibilities, and staying up to date is important in maintaining a competitive advantage.

In Closing

These five tips will help you on your path to passive income. They are cutting edge, and no one has truly capitalized on them yet. The question is, are your competitor’s going to do it before you? Or will you be the first to make it happen? Do you want passive income? Or do you want a massive business listed on the stock-market?

The internet is dominated by those who can build it, not by those who use it, so capturing that market first can happen with the tips above.

Understanding what the internet is trying to accomplish allows you to use these technologies for their intended use. Doing so allows you to let the platforms aid you, instead of own you, and in turn ensuring you deliver the very best overall experience for the user.

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