Finding Your Success Formula

The formula for success is not a one size fits all type of deal. Each formula is necessarily configured with the factors that surround their own current situations.

So if you’re a male, you have a different formula for success compared to women. It’s sort of like using boolean algebra on yourself to figure out the best option for your life.

All of the variables are different and unique for each individual. It’s impossible for one formula to fit all humans and lay out their path step by step with assured success at the end of the rainbow.

But what can be recreated is figuring out your own formula for success. Figuring out your own formula for success will be far more valuable than applying someone else’s formula to your own life.  

Once you figure out your own formula, you now know that if you fail totally, it’s not even a second guess on how to recreate the success. So these signs are something you should look for within to identify your own formula for success.

Define What You Want

What exactly do you want?

Every self-help book starts here.

And every book can pretty much stop there, but where’s the fun in that ?

Defining to yourself exactly what you want will clear pathways in the physical realm and create neural ones within your brain. Decide with as much caution as you can what exactly you want then commit to that idea.

Doing so will align your focus and allow you to see different more creative ways to obtain your goal. Things start to become more objective for you personally and that’s because emotion and pain won’t factor into your decisions as much.

Practical ideas like how you can use the current opportunity to help yourself will make themselves more clear, allowing you to resonate with the solution, instead of being closed off to the idea instead.

If you don’t know what you want, you’re a rudderless ship, unable to be manipulated by every island that tries to catch your eye.

When you know what you want, things like, “Will this help me reach my goal” will automatically be something you ask before every decision you make.

Putting exactly what you want into words will paint a picture in your mind that isn’t worth creating unless it makes a lasting imprint. So evaluate your exact wants and needs to find out why you’re doing what you’re doing and always double check your decision against your larger goal.

Your Plan is Your Religion

After you define exactly what you want, you’ll need to stick to a plan and follow it like your religion. Having faith in your plan is all you need. Carefully come up with an idea and try to predict best where it could go wrong.

The first thing your plan should stand the test of is the “useless idiot” test. Think to yourself, if everything went perfectly in the plan, how could some UI come along and ruin it?

If you don’t have a solution to that test, you’ll need to reevaluate everything about the plan. Maybe you need to adjust one or two spinning plates, but more often that not, if you can’t pass the UI test, you’ll need to let all the plates fall and break into pieces before you can come up with a better plan.

So make sure to worship your own plan, like you would if God handed you instructions directly.

Because in reality, you are your own god. No one has more influence on the outcome of your life other than you. When you give faith to god, do everything to give it to yourself before you turn to god.

So put unwavering faith in your own process. You will start to build trust in yourself before depending on someone else to tell you how to think, or how to apply some mass produced band-aid solution to your specific problem.  

If you stick to your process even when it’s hard, you are acting from a place of morals and character. You are acting in fear of violating your goals and time, which is the most important fear you can have.  Make a plan, stick to it and don’t break from the plan for any reason . Have trust that you know what’s best for yourself, and that your plan will lead to success.

These tips are two major milestones for you to reach on your way to crafting your own formula for success. Having confidence in your plan, envisioning it, creating your very own hook into reality based on defining what you want, and doing so with unequivocal confidence will lead you to your own formula for success very quickly.

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