Facebook Rolls Out New Restrictions To Developers

On the heels of Mark Zuckerberg’s congressional hearing, Facebook has pushed a notification to “Facebook Developers”.  The Facebook developer notification message, accompanied by a blue shield signifying privacy, said “Notification for Developers: See updates to our product and business tools term”

Facebook Notification
This new notification was pushed to developers of Facebook applications

Facebook redirects you to a landing page, once the notification is clicked. Custom Audience Terms along with Facebook Business Tools Term, are linked to on the landing page.

The “Custom Audience Terms” button leads to a wall of text, describing new updates to their platform. A bullet-ed list relays a message about the custom audience file types. A business that has a email list, can upload their email list to Facebook, in a “hashed” format, allowing businesses to match emails up with Facebook profiles. The policy update seems to be more of a reminder, instead of a introduction to new policies.

The “Facebook Business Tool Terms” button mirrors the “Custom Audience Terms” page, but this policy covers all Facebook products. So its a “Terms of Service” document for all Facebook platforms, including SDK’s, Facebook Pixels, Plug-Ins, Like Buttons, and more.

You can see the Facebook updates page here: krl.io/fb_policy

These security increases and reminders seem to be reiterating the message that “Facebook takes your privacy seriously”. While Facebook’s intent might received well by few, the majority of people do not trust Mark Zuckerberg and his policies. Everyone from Vox to Fox, seems to disprove of Zuckerberg’s display in Congress. Facebook is attempting to roll out better features, but the current plans of actions in place today are not enough.

Policy updates and ethical standards wont deter data hackers from mining data.

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