Adding Gnome Extensions on Arch Linux

Despite the aesthetic appeal of the Plasma Desktop Environment, unless you have a decent computer, KDE will cause your PC to run slow.

It takes up almost 2 gigabytes of RAM just to run the environment. So switching to GNOME might be your best option. I know once I made the switch, my PC was running fine.

But a major issue I was running into was the hot corner. With GNOME, every time you put your mouse in the top-left corner, the applications menu hi-jacks your screen and to escape it, you must hit cntrl-c or click on exit.

As somone who over the years developed a habit of placing my mouse in the top corner everytime I wanted to type, this became very frustrating. And even more so, GNOME, or the beloved “gnome-tweak-tools” package doesn’t even have the option to disable this hot corner.

Figuring out the solution was quite the experience, so I will share it here for my use later, and yours now.

First thing youll want to do is go to Here you may see a warning saying something along the lines of this.

We cannot detect a running copy of GNOME on this system, so some parts of the interface may be disabled. See our troubleshooting entry for more information

If you see this message, you want to download two things. The first is the chrome extension “GNOME shell integration” from the Google Chrome Extensions page.

Once you have that downloaded, open up a terminal and install the chrome-gnome-shell package with the following command.


Now once you have these two packages installed, refresh the gnome extensions website and instead of the error message, you should see a list of toggleable extensions that you can install with a simple click of a ‘on/off’ button.

Everything should be changed permanently on your system and can now easily install GNOME extensions on your Arch Linux installation.

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